Thanksgiving Teacher Feature: Miss Dina

Miss Dina Says –

1.) Favorite tradition and/or part of Thanksgiving?
My favorite tradition is picking our “exchange” person for our family’s version of Secret Santa. Except, we all know who we choose! It’s always fun to see who gets who, year after year.
2.) Favorite and least favorite food on Thanksgiving?
My favorite Thanksgiving food is the cranberry sauce! I’ve got the biggest sweet tooth. And my least favorite is actually the turkey! I wish I could just eat the side dishes!

3.) Who is someone you’re thankful for and why?
I’m thankful for my youngest brother; he’s so incredibly supportive and loving, I’m always feeling special around him!

4.) Three things you’re grateful for daily?
  • my kitty, who I get to wake up with every morning,
  • my parents who support me through just about anything
  • my body, for carrying me through the day no matter what is thrown at me.Extra: Any funny/special stories from Thanksgiving’s past?
Extra: Any funny/special stories from Thanksgiving’s past?

My most special thanksgiving story is just last year, I was able to for the first time in nine (!) years get home for Thanksgiving to celebrate the birth of the first grandchild – my nephew and godson, who was just two weeks old.