Thanksgiving Teacher Feature: Miss Kris

Miss Kris Says –

1.) Favorite tradition and/or part of Thanksgiving?

Back home in Easton PA is special bc on turkey day we have a high school rivalry football game that the whole town goes to. It’s over 100 years old & pretty awesome to regain connection with old friends and family.

2.) Favorite and least favorite food on Thanksgiving?
  • Favorite food: stuffing
  • Least favorite food: cranberries

3.) Who is someone you’re thankful for and why?
It’s tough but to pinpoint one person, my mother. She instills and maintains traditions that hold dear to my heart & look forward to every year!

4.) Three things you’re grateful for daily?
  • my health
  • the friends in my circle
  • the opportunities I’m given, and  blessed to receive

I guess at this moment, trying to find light in this weird “storm” of a sense: so I’m most thankful for these three things that have given me that.

I’m continuously, and positively reinforced by my close friends (near & far), family I haven’t seen in ages who support and love unconditionally. And last but not least this unwavering desire to express creatively. Whether it be dance, writing or diy sewing project gifts for others.  It’s really saved me this year! Thankful for the “chin up” attitude to keep going, just like everyone else!