In the New Year, we want to take time to recognize all the wonderful people that make this studio possible. We have an amazing staff with qualifications out of the roof… but they are more than just dancers and educators. So for the next couple of weeks, we will be getting to know the humans behind the teacher, and their little fun facts. 

This week we are diving into the little details of Miss Raquel!

There are many colors in the rainbow, but the one that has caught Miss Raquel’s eye is Burgundy! 🍇 A unique color that most people look over, but we see why she loves it. This color makes us think of all things cozy🧣nd who doesn’t love that?!

When it comes to food Miss Raquel will never turn down the chance to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie🍪. The best time to enjoy this savory treat is truly anytime your sweet tooth has a crazing🦷 It pairs well with any season. Especially the chilly winter nights. Warm & sweet! Just like Miss Raquel. 

Jack Johnson has a way with words and melodies that can fill you with comfort. If you haven’t listened to him we highly recommend you do the next time you get in your 🚗 But the song Miss Raquel loves the most from Jack Johnson is “Together”🫂 

Miss Raquel may love the song ‘Together’, but her favorite Artist of all time is THE KILLERS! And we can’t argue with that choice. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know their song ‘Mr. Brightside’ ☀️ Their music stands the test of time, and can always get you up dancing and singing along 🎤

We are product of all our memories. They make up who we are today. And Miss Raquel wouldn’t be the same without her favorite memory💕. She looks back fondly on spending summers in South Padre with all her cousins.

Miss Raquel is one amazing teacher, but she loves many things outside of dance. When she isn’t leading the next generation of movers to success she loves to cook up delicious meals. 🍲 YUM. When it’s time to hunker down and relax she loves to crack open a good book📚.  Last and certainly not least Miss Raquel loved to walk on the beach at sunset 🌅 

We have many possessions throughout life. Some are memories or a special gift given to us by someone we love. A lot of us cherish our pets, and so does Miss Raquel. She would say say her dog 🐶 Cody is her most prized possession. There is nothing quite like the love from a furry friend as loyal as a dog!❤️