Reach for the Barres is a non competitive dance studio that focuses on not only dance skills but creative movement, original choreography, dance as art and gently encourages your child’s self esteem with age appropriate expectations and the joy of dance and magic on the dance floor!

REACH is a bright + energetic recreational-dance school where your children may begin their dance journey at any age with proper technique, form and fun on the dance floor. We know that movement, pattern-building and play go a very long way! Our program is based around our belief that goals and success can be achieved only in a program that encompasses multiple-lessons platform. Attending consistent classes on a weekly basis, your children will learn, improve upon and combine new skills and routines.

The fun that your children will have in classes in February and the routine they will perform in our June dance recital will be based in part on what they have already learned by participating in classes in September.

In order for REACH to secure the services of top-quality teachers who will also commit themselves to teaching classes one year in advance, and who in turn will make themselves available for the hours that best suit demanding schedules and the needs of our community of students, we must conduct our multiple-class approach on a tuition-payment basis.

Under this policy, parents are required to pay the tuition for their children’s instruction a minimum of 12 weeks of the 36 weeks of the season, in advance, under what is effectively a trimester system, with each trimester consisting of approximately eleven weeks of classes.

Reach for the Barres’ Summer Dance Camp is the number one destination for summer + holiday camps for girls and boys ages 3-14. Our week long camps and mini camps  provide an amazing opportunity for dancers to have fun, learn basic ballet, gets tons of exercise to endless pop and hip hop music, create and make new friendships and experience a performance all during this incredible week! And if that’s not enough, we do more than just dancing, we provide daily theme related arts + crafts, play exciting group games, and will screen kid-friendly movies on those specially themed camp weeks!

Each week, dance camp has a special theme based on a movie, a popular TV show, music genre, Broadway musical or radical magical creative themes full of unicorns and mermaids. Dancers spend the week creating a story, learning 5-6 of dances numbers, learn to create characters, work on their acting skills, creating a set and so much more – all the fun things leading up to the end-of-the-week show. Parents are invited to a special showing on the last day!

Some people have enjoyed their experience at REACH summer camps so much they signed up their child every week for several years in a row.

8:50am Door Open
9:00-9:20am Greeting + Open Play
9:20-9:45am  Stretch + Share
9:45-10:15am Choreography + Dance
10:15-10:30am Friendship-Building Exercises
10:30-11:00am Wash Hands + Snack
11:00-11:30am Script/Acting/Rehearsal
11:30-12:00pm Group Games
12:00-12:30pm Wash Hands + “Family” Lunch
12:30-1:30pm Dance Games/Movie
1:30-2:00pm Review of Day
2:00-3:00pm Crafts
3:00-3:10pm Goodbyes + Pick Up

Camp Counselor (13+) & CIT (Counselor in Training, Ages 10-12)
Girls and Boys ages 11 or older can request to become CCs + CITs and help the teachers with camp. We host workshops in the spring for kiddos interested in learning how to help teachers, our camp rules, requirements and expectations of those students we hand-pick as our CITs and Counselors (during a camp week: Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm).

If you have dancer who would love nothing more than to dance, craft, play games and be idolized by campers this summer, I would encourage you to sign your dancer up. Once your dancer has been a part of the training you can email me with camp dates you’d like your dancer to attend as a CIT or CC (at a discount rate).