Private Lessons at Reach For The Barres

Private lessons create amazing opportunities for our students to gain valuable one-on-one time with a skilled RFTB instructor.
Besides the obvious reason for having a private lesson (choreographing solos, duets and trios to perform in the annual recital),
the benefits of individual attention to dance instruction are endless. From increasing technical development and dancer confidence
the beauty of private lessons is that they are focused on one individual, and one individual only.

In addition to those dancers with the focus of end of the year performances,
private lessons are also a great opportunity to set goals and make action plans with more serious students.

Building technique and working on specific idiosyncrasies is a major plus when working with a dancer privately.
Technique focused lessons are a great fit for strong dancers who desire more of a challenge and those who need more practice alike.

Whether your dancer is specifically focused on an opportunity to have their own choreographed solo, duet or trio,
or opportunity to focus on strengthening their technique seasonal availability is limited.

If this sounds like your dancer, we would encourage anyone interested to contact us as soon as possible.

Private Lessons Involves:

         🌈 Participation in 1 group class for the entirety of our 9-month RFTB Main Season (Sept-May/June)

          🌈 Commit to lesson for the entire season in order to perform a (solo, duet, trio) at RFTB Recital  

          🌈 Dedication to the lesson, no makeup will be provided for any missed private 

          🌈 Participation in Rehearsal ahead of June Recital

          🌈 Purchase of selected recital costume, chosen by Faculty and approved by Studio Director

          🌈 Agree to the selected faculty member chosen by the Studio Director for requested private lesson

          🌈 Confirm and begin lesson and group class in September 2023

Additional Requirements + Details:

          🌈 Dancers must be eager to learn, willing to grow, energetic, kind and passionate about dance and love the stage!

          🌈 Dancers must be enrolled in a full season of dance at RFTB, with good attendance prior to being selected.

          🌈 Dancers may not be selected for a solo after 2 years of solo performances in a row.
               These dancers may however request a duet, or trio for the upcoming season to perform,
               Or simply request a technical ongoing lesson, without a performance opportunity. 

          🌈 2023-2024 Tuition is based on 30 minute lesson day + time, in addition to the faculty member facilitating it.

Instructors may not be requested. Faculty and students will be matched by the Studio Director for the season. It is important that dancers are fully committed to their training for the entire season, regardless of their familiarity with our faculty members. 

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