Accessing Arlo

Our virtual dance classes can be viewed through an app called ARLO.

To get started, follow these steps –

If watching on your phone or device like an ipad:

First download Arlo on your device, create your profile and your password.

If watching on a laptop, desktop or SMART TV :

First to the Arlo website on your device, create your profile and your password.

Then head to your email, where you’ll find an invitation to view our cameras so your dancers can still take class at home. To be clear, the email will NOT come from Reach Dance, it will come from ARLO. 

When you open the email, there will be a link (the invitation) in the body. Click on it, and it will prompt you to sign into your account on a web browser, like Safari or Chrome. Once you log in there, your app will automatically update. 

Then, just head on back to your Arlo (app or web page) open it up, and give it a few seconds, and you should be able to see our stream! If you don’t the first time, close down the app and restart (if using a phone, or device), or refresh browser (if using a computer). Remember you need to allow FLASH plugin which may be blocked if using Chrome, or could be in need of an update on your computer on any other browser. (See FAQ below to get your update.)

THIS IS FOR CURRENTLY ENROLLED FAMILIES who have their tuition up to date will be sent the invitation as we work towards our June 6th recital prep virtually. 


If your account isn’t yet up today, we are happily extending your current access to your class camera until one week from your last paid class, allowing everyone a grace-period of a week, as noted in our previous emails regarding tuition payments. 



Q: I got kicked out of my account, what do I do?

A: Arlo only lets you log in to one device at a time. If it senses that your account is being accessed elsewhere, it will log you out for security purposes. Check to make sure you’re logged out of your other devices first, before logging into your preferred device.

Q: I’ve created my account, but it says,”select device” – What does that mean?

A: Since you created an Arlo account, the app defaults as if you were trying to set up a camera of your own. To access OUR cameras, head back to your invitation email from Arlo, click on the link, and sign in via the web browser. This will automatically update your app. From there, reopen the Arlo app on your device, and you should see our cameras!

Q: I already have an Arlo account. How do I get access to your cameras?

A: We need to send you an invitation to access our cameras. We’ll send the invitation to your email address, but please note, the email will come from Arlo, not Reach Studios. From there, click on the link and log in via the web browser. This will give you access to our cameras, and you’ll be able to watch dance class through your app.

Q: I’m logged in, but I can’t see your feed! How do I see your cameras?

A. Make sure you’re watching through your app. If you clicked on the link, signed in via the web browser, and stay in the web browser, you will not see our cameras. Head back to your Arlo app, and it should be all set.

Q: I can’t find the invitation from Arlo. Can you resend it?

A. We are always able to resend the invitation; however, be sure you’re checking your spam or junk folder first. Sometimes the Arlo invitation will end up there.

Q: It says FLASH is being blocked, how can I fix that?

A. We’ve googled it for you check HERE.

Q: It says FLASH needs to be update on my browser, how do I do that?

A. We’ve googled it for you, check HERE.

*Please be sure your ALWAYS updating the app and/or have the latest operating system on your device/computer, otherwise you may run into issues and bugs that could simply be fixed with the UPDATE. 

The Arlo mobile app might not function as expected because of poor Internet connection, an out-of-date operating system (OS), or because an error occurred.

Continue reading for help troubleshooting issues with the Arlo app.

To troubleshoot issues with the Arlo app:

  • Ensure that your mobile device’s operating system meets the minimum requirement.
    • Apple devices: iOS version 11 or higher.
    • Android device: Android version 5.0 or higher.
      *Note: Ensure that your mobile device is up to date by installing needed updates before installing the Arlo app.
  • Ensure that you have a good internet connection.
  • If you experience frequent crashes on your Arlo app, try uninstalling the Arlo app and reinstalling it.
  • Other apps on your mobile device could play a part in the frequent crashes of the Arlo app.
    • Running multiple apps take up device resources which can cause apps to perform poorly or crash altogether.
    • If possible, try stopping, or turning off service to other apps that are running if your Arlo app crashes.

Arlo web portal requirements + troubleshooting

The Arlo web portal requires the following:

  • A computer running Mac OSX or Windows.
  • One of the following web browsers:
    • Chrome on Windows and Mac OS X (latest version)
    • Firefox on Windows and Mac OS X (latest version)
    • Safari on Mac OS X (latest version)
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • If you are using an Internet browser other than Chrome, Adobe Flash Player.

Note: If you use the Arlo app on an earlier OS version than these minimum versions, the Arlo app might not function as expected.

Last Updated:03/26/2020