Reach For The Barres Company Dancers

Our Spotlight Performing Companies are comprised of talented dancers ranging in age from 7 – 18 years old.
These dancers are chosen by invitation through class observation by Reyana and RFTB Dance Directors, and also through audition.

Spotlight was created as an invitation-only accelerated program, and is ideal for dancers who are ready for a more focused
classroom atmosphere. Over the last 8 seasons, we have offered our Spotlight program for our dancers who are now
Tweens/Teens/Seniors in our studio, and it has proven to be great for our dancers who are ready for a bit more of a challenge.

Spotlight instructors provide dancers with challenging choreography and technique to allow their students to become be the
best dancers they can be. This invitation-only class provides an additional performance opportunity in our year end show
for 2023/2024 Main Season. In addition, to other community opportunities offered to the studio.
Spotlight dancers are chosen through class and recital observation at the end of each season,
or through audition. Class requirements include a weekly ballet technique class, in addition to our company classes,
which is made up of strength, flexibility and coordination training in addition to challenging age-appropriate choreography.
Dancers are also required to participate in a week-long summer dance camp or intensive at Reach, no exception.

Spotlight represents Reach For The Barres as a dance company during our end of the year recital, and community performances.
Focus and an eagerness to learn is expected of these dancers to maintain the excellence of Reach.

We believe the relationships developed with faculty and peers through dance are unmatched by most sports and disciplines.
This super talented group of dancers lights up the stage with their never ending energy
and continually inspires the audience with their contagious enthusiasm!

Spotlight Involves

⭐️ Choosing dance as a priority over other extracurricular activities

⭐️ Participation in Holiday Show, Community Concerts, Year-End Shows

⭐️ Commit to Spotlight Attendance Policy, in which dancers are not to miss more than
6 lesson during our Main Season in individual classes

⭐️ Dedicated to COMPANY and TECHNIQUE class

⭐️ Participation in a company-wide Mentorship Program, which will included in-studio,
team-building workshops in the Fall and Spring Trimesters

⭐️ Optional Classes with Guest Teachers at Reach For The Barres (Approximately $40 per class)

⭐️ Attendance to RFTB Company-wide Summer Camp/Intensive

⭐️ Participation in a one community outreach event, hosted by RFTB

Additional Requirements

⭐️ Dancers must be eager to learn, willing to grow, energetic, kind and passionate about dance and love the stage!

⭐️ Dancers must be enrolled in a full season of dance at RFTB, with good attendance prior to being selected, or auditioning.

⭐️ Dancers will perform multiple numbers during our end of the year show, which requires additional costume purchases

⭐️ Required to be at the studio to take company mandated classes in jazz, ballet, choreography/rehearsal time