In 2023 we want to take time to recognize all the wonderful people that make this studio possible. We have an amazing staff with qualifications out of the roof… but they are more than just dancers and educators. So for the next couple of weeks, we will be getting to know the humans behind the teacher, and their little fun facts. 

This week we are diving into the little details of Miss Iydan! 

There are many colors out there in the world, and she couldn’t possibly choose just one. The colors that have caught attention of Miss Iydan are PINK🌸 & PURPLE💜! Two colors that seems like cousins. Purple is the color of royalty, and pink makes us think of all things sweet. So we completely understand why she loves them so.

When it comes to food Miss Iydan loves the savory goodness of a good french fry! They pair well with just about anything, and come in many forms. You can dress them up any way you’d like, or keep them simple and salty. Truly who doesn’t love a good ‘ol french fry now and then? 

Music is the love language of one Miss Iydan❤️. It’s a big part of who she is. Her favorite song is constantly changing. But with all the music out there how could it not for such a music lover🎵? Today the songs that get her heart singing is ‘Do It’ by Chloe X Halle and ‘Lovergirl’ by Teena Marie. 

Just like with song our teacher of the week believes there are too many amazing artists out there to pick just one☝️. So here are a few at the top of her long list of song birds🎤🦜: Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Doja Cat, Mariah Carey, and Brandy!

We are made a memories☁️, and as we grow older we become a product all the things we have experienced along the way. Some memories stick our more than others💬. At the end of the day memories are things we have to old onto throughout our life time. Miss Iydan’s all time favorite memories were made during the summer in her home state of main with her family.🌲

Even though everyone here is an amazing dancer our teachers are much more than that. Outside of the studio, Miss Iydan loves anything related to making and listening to music🎼 . When she wants to relax she loves to crack open a book 📚 or get to some writing of down of her own. If she needs a little brain teacher that calms the soul at the same time she will take to a puzzle.🧩

Possessions can come in many different shapes or forms. Some things are tangible, others are things that live within us like the memories we hold from walking through life. Miss Iydan’s most prized possession is her journals📓. She loves writing ✍️ and keeping all the journals that she’s written over the years.

Our teachers here at Reach For the Barres are fountains of knowledge⛲️. They are people who are full of amazing advice. What Miss Iydan would like to pass on to the students here is “Try EVERYTHING. You’re never gonna now where you’re gonna find your passion, or maybe meet your new best friend, so don’t be afraid to step out of your box.”💕

These are just a few of the things that make Miss Iydan so special!