In 2023 we want to take time to recognize all the wonderful people that make this studio possible. We have an amazing staff with qualifications out of the roof… but they are more than just dancers and educators. So for the next couple of weeks, we will be getting to know the humans behind the teacher, and their little fun facts. 

This week we are diving into the little details of Miss Leighanna! 

There are many colors of the rainbow. Some shine bright like the sun, and some are as dark as night.. but they are all special to someone. The color that caught the eye of Miss Leighanna PERIWINKLE🦄! It’s a soft a cozy color that makes of think of all things good. We completely understand why this color holds a special place in her heart❤️.

When it comes to food Miss Leighanna loves  SWEET POTATOES🍠 . In any shape, way, or form she will take it. You can never go wrong with this super yummy food. It’s versatile like regular potatoes but it’s got a twist! 🌪

Miss Leighanna is a lover of all things music🎵. There is no way she could go a day without it. Her life is full of it. When we asked what her favorite song was she thought long an hard. Leighanna went back a forth and came to the conclusion that she simply couldn’t pick just 1️⃣.

When it comes to favorite artist it was a little bit easier for her to choose on this matter. Though she did take a little time to think over all her options one artist stuck out more than the rest. When in doubt Miss Leighanna will always be a fan of Kendrick Lamar!

We are made of memories☁️, and as we grow older we become a product of all the things we have experienced along the way. Some memories stick out more than others💬. She looks back fondly on Disney🪄 trips she took as a kid. But of course she couldn’t look past all her days spent taking dance class🩰 as she grew up. 

Even though everyone here is an amazing dancer our teachers are much more than that. Outside of the studio, Miss Leighanna loves to travel✈️. Seeing the world is something she finds is one of the best ways to spend your life. On top of that she loves photography📷, and we gotta say she is pretty great at it to! Last and certainly not least she loves to visit Disneyland🪄on her days off!

Possessions can come in many different shapes or forms. Some things are tangible that we can hold in our hand, and others are things like time spent. When it comes to things that are extra special to this teacher of the week she keeps her photo albums of her and her family🖼 in a safe place.

Our teachers here at Reach For the Barres are fountains of knowledge⛲️. They are people who are full of amazing advice. What Miss Maraya would like to pass on to the students here is “Always lead with you heart”💕

These are just a few of the things that make Miss Leighanna  so special!