Reach Studio Policies

  1. I understand that REACH tuition is NON REFUNDABLE. NO CREDIT, REFUND OR TRANSFER is given for missed classes. We do not prorate for vacations, sickness, or missed classes.
  2. I understand that I will be charged according to my payment plan unless I notify REACH one week prior to the end of any payment cycle.
  3. I understand that tardy tuition payments will be charged a $30.00 late fee. There will be NO exceptions. (Auto-Pay Customers: accounts must have an active credit card on file. Once you sign up for auto-pay you will automatically be charged each semester unless you notify us via email that you are not returning a week before payments are due.) We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at the management’s discretion.
  4. I understand that in the event I need to withdraw my child from class, it is my responsibility to notify REACH via email ONE WEEK before payment is due.  I may not drop a class in person or over the phone.
  5. I understand that REACH Staff will communicate with me throughout the season and year via email, and take home flyers. I understand it is my responsibility to read them with my child so that I am aware of rules and etiquette, billing cycles, dance recitals, or outside performances, enrollment for the following cycle, any attire or footwear my child may need; or any other important information that being a parent at REACH requires me to be informed of. I understand that Reach for the Barres will only be sending home paperwork that is important and specific to my child’s needs. REACH schedule is subject to change.
  6. I understand that REACH does allow make up classes, however they are limited to two per trimester during the Main Season and Summer Session; to be made up within the session (aka payment cycle), they do not roll over. Make up classes are not allowed in currently enrolled classes as that would be a CREDIT, and we do not credit missed classes. The make-up does not have to be in the same style of dance or disciple of currently enrolled class. To attend a make up class I must contact the studio, at least a day in advance between 9AM and 5PM to schedule a makeup class. I understand that some classes fill-up and that make up classes are subject to availability and NOT GUARANTEED.
  7. I understand that REACH is not responsible for the injuries or accidents in the parking lot. It is my responsibility to be careful backing out, and pulling in the lot; and exercise caution as children are always walking to-and-from class.
  8. I understand it is my responsibility to be on-time. We understand between the unpredictability of LA traffic, and general parenting that being on time is not always possible, so please note, we would love to see your child in class regardless of how late you may be running that day. If you are running late to pick up your child please do not panic; we’ll wait until you arrive for pick up. However, AFTER THIRTY MINUTES you will be charged $20. If another class is in progress we may ask your child to join.
  9. I understand that my child’s hair MUST be up, or out of their face to participate in class.
  10. I understand that my child must wear appropriate dance wear, i.e. leotard, tights, jazz pants, yoga wear, tutu’s are all acceptable. Jeans and baggy t-shirts are not. Children will need ballet slippers for ballet, hip hop and jazz and tap shoes for tap.
  11. I understand that there is no food or soda allowed in the dance studio.
  12. I understand by entering the studio, visitors/students consent to be photographed, recorded and/or filmed by REACH photographer(s)/videographer(s) and to have the photographs/recording/film reproduced and disseminated for internal, security, and promotional purposes.
  13. I understand that REACH is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables. If your item has been misplaced please check out Lost + Found. Items must be claimed in person. Every 30-days, unclaimed items are given to a local charity.