Thanksgiving Teacher Feature: Miss Hayley

Miss Hayley Says –

1.) Favorite tradition and/or part of Thanksgiving?
My favorite part of Thanksgiving is helping my mom prepare all the food.
2.) Favorite and least favorite food on Thanksgiving?
Favorite food is my mom’s stuffing! What if I don’t have a least favorite? ;)

3.) Who is someone you’re thankful for and why?
I am so thankful for my daughter because she can make the sun shine on the cloudiest of days.

4.) Three things you’re grateful for daily?
  • Having all of my senses. Common sense included.
  • Having a roof over my families head & food to feed their bellies.
  • Having friends & family to love & them loving me back.
Extra: Any funny/special stories from Thanksgiving’s past?
One Thanksgiving, our dog Hero stole half  the Turkey off the table and dragged it under the couch. He turned into another creature trying to protect the turkey. We laughed so hard because we had never seen this side of him. We ended up just letting him have it.