Encourage your child to share their goals with their dance teachers so that their instructors can help to put them on the right path. This can help your child build self- confidence, and feel empowered in the process. If you do choose to reach out to your child’s dance teacher on their behalf, be sure to do so respectfully and with an open mind. The more your child sees you working in support of their teacher, the more they will be likely to do the same.


If you are a parent to a younger child, then you know how much your child looks to you for help and guidance. At this age, support looks like listening to their interest and enthusiasm and the correct level of participation. Encouragement looks like asking your child to show you what they’ve learned in classes and making it a priority to show up to dress rehearsals, recitals, and other events.


Dancers are working out new muscles everyday, pushing their bodies to new limits in every class. Sleep is important for your muscles to recover. Good sleep habits are especially important for dancers of a young age because their bodies are still growing. Snacking before class is key to success! It’s most important for your tiny dancers coming right from school, or close to lunch times. Food is fuel. It helps your child perform well in class and to their fullest potential. Dancers can’t focus on an empty stomach especially younger dancers. A hangry dancer isn’t the happiest of dancers, and our goal is to have our kiddos feeling full of happy feels after every opportunity to dance!