It is almost the New Year which means it’s time to set some new goals for yourself for 2023!

Here are some habits for your dancer to incorporate into their new season of life and dance.

Roll Out!

Foam roller, marshmallow stick, or tennis ball. Give yourself ten minutes after class or rehearsal to break up the fascia in your body. Your muscles will thank you!

Say no to inflammation.

Dancers’ bodies are sensitive to inflammation, so it’s a good idea to incorporate some anti-inflammatory foods into your diet.

The chances are that some of these foods are already familiar to you: almonds, green tea, and blueberries, for example. You can find out more here.


Cross train

If you don’t already, cross-training can make a big difference in your dancing. Popular regimes for dancers include pilates, yoga and swimming. Check our some of our teacher tip videos for some guidance! 

Below are some technical goals for your dancers to set for themselves this New Year!

  1. Break your habit of hopping in your turns.
  2. Improve your balance.
  3. Jump smarter – knees over toes, deep plié.
  4. Get your hips square consistently.
  5. Improve your turnout, either flexibility-wise or in your dancing.

Here are some artistic goals that your dancer can look to strive for in the New Year! 

  1. Get more comfortable with improv.
  2. Make a habit of using your eyes, not looking at the floor.
  3. Improve your transitions to get that “graceful” look.
  4. Get better at showing different emotions through movement.
  5. Improve your musicality.



Encourage your child to share their goals with their dance teachers so that their instructors can help to put them on the right path. This can help your child build self- confidence, and feel empowered in the process. If you do choose to reach out to your child’s dance teacher on their behalf, be sure to do so respectfully and with an open mind. The more your child sees you working in support of their teacher, the more they will be likely to do the same.


If you are a parent to a younger child, then you know how much your child looks to you for help and guidance. At this age, support looks like listening to their interest and enthusiasm and the correct level of participation. Encouragement looks like asking your child to show you what they’ve learned in classes and making it a priority to show up to dress rehearsals, recitals, and other events.


Dancers are working out new muscles everyday, pushing their bodies to new limits in every class. Sleep is important for your muscles to recover. Good sleep habits are especially important for dancers of a young age because their bodies are still growing. Snacking before class is key to success! It’s most important for your tiny dancers coming right from school, or close to lunch times. Food is fuel. It helps your child perform well in class and to their fullest potential. Dancers can’t focus on an empty stomach especially younger dancers. A hangry dancer isn’t the happiest of dancers, and our goal is to have our kiddos feeling full of happy feels after every opportunity to dance!

The Benefit of Sending Your Dancer To Our Holiday Dance Camps 

The benefits of dance camp is essentially the same as sending your child to dance camp! Your dancer will continue to work on their flexibility, stamina, and coordination. 

Here are some of the MANY benefits of our camps!



While at camp your child will have the opportunity to learn multiple dances from a variety of our teachers. Dance boosts children’s memory through the learning of choreography. This helps develop learning skills to improve their academic and social life.



Dance can improve your child’s flexibility, muscle development, and cognitive development. Stretching and balancing both contribute to a stronger mind and body.  Studies have suggested that the more active a child is, the stronger their core. Plus it’s a fun way for kids to move around in a safe and fun setting!



Teamwork and participation in dance class is encouraged. This can help kids socially branch out in a small or large class setting.  Children learn to take turns playing dance games while respect others personal space. Our kids dance camps work on a performance for the end of camp. This allows children to work together towards a common goal, while helping them to build confidence and performance experience.  Priceless life lessons!



The most important part of all of this is fun! Your child will have a day full of fun. While making new friends, and growing relationships with old ones. Since our holiday camp runs from 9am-3pm there is plenty of opportunities for growth and enjoyment. Camp will give your child a space to explore in a productive way to spend their day while having time off from school. 


While dance is the key factor of our camps along side fun, the day is full of activities. We incorporate interactive games, art projects, and we even involve a chance for our dancers to “act” out scenes for their end of week program.  




Some of the BEST memories are made on a dance floor together! As we celebrate Bring Your Person to Class (BYPTC) at the studio this week, it got us reflecting on how special it is to share dance with loved ones- something our Mini & Me classes get to do every week! In this article, we aim to explore the ways dancing together, whether its in BYPTC week or a weekly Mini & Me class, benefit both the adult and the child.

Below, we share 5 benefits both you and your mini me will gain from taking class together:

  1. Bonding + Quality Time – Carving out special dance time together helps facilitate and support the adult + child connection. When you commit to following through on taking class together, you enforce the promise you made to share in something intentionally special for you two, increasing trust, strengthening your bond, and promoting consistency, which is essential to motor and mental development.
  2. Developing Mental and Motor Skills– Speaking of motor and mental development- dance class is an optimal approach to achieving and supporting healthy bodies. Studies show that both adults and children benefit from dance classes, and some benefits include increased brain function, memory retention, and strengthening muscles, among many others. Scroll through to see our post entitled, “5 Ways Children Benefit from Dance Classes for more!
  3. Socializing– Dancing together is a wonderful way to connect to the community and make new friends. Through sharing the experience of class together, your dancer will explore creating friendships for the first time, while you are able to connect with other adults on all things childcare, dance, and more! For many, the connections and friendships built in class can be lasting, positive relationships that extend beyond dance and widen the net of support for families, caregivers, and students.
  4. Expression– Dancing holds the power to unlock and release emotions in a healthy, mindful, and creative way. For both adults and children, who each deal with their own daily stressors and challenges, the act of coming together on the dance floor can empower both parties to explore their expression in a conducive way. The effects of this expression can have an overall positive impact on one’s own sense of happiness as well as the relationships and friendships within one’s own circle.
  5. Develop Independence– You’ve heard the expression: “Monkey see, monkey do”? The same is true for dancing together! While initially you may wonder how dancing with someone could result in increased independence, we’ve found that with the assistance of their adult in class, dancers are excited to watch, learn, and model moves and class expectations exhibited by their adult. Ultimately, this will encourage them to make similar choices in class on their own. Over time and with consistency, dancers will see a boost in their confidence and autonomy on the dance floor, allowing adults to be able to sit back more and let loose in their own way.

    Whether you come for BYPTC week or to one of our weekly Mini & Me classes, we’re thrilled to provide the opportunity for families to connect through dance here at Reach For The Barres! Hope to see you AND your dancer in the studio soon!