Miss Hayley Says –

1.) Favorite tradition and/or part of Thanksgiving?
My favorite part of Thanksgiving is helping my mom prepare all the food.
2.) Favorite and least favorite food on Thanksgiving?
Favorite food is my mom’s stuffing! What if I don’t have a least favorite? ;)

3.) Who is someone you’re thankful for and why?
I am so thankful for my daughter because she can make the sun shine on the cloudiest of days.

4.) Three things you’re grateful for daily?
  • Having all of my senses. Common sense included.
  • Having a roof over my families head & food to feed their bellies.
  • Having friends & family to love & them loving me back.
Extra: Any funny/special stories from Thanksgiving’s past?
One Thanksgiving, our dog Hero stole half  the Turkey off the table and dragged it under the couch. He turned into another creature trying to protect the turkey. We laughed so hard because we had never seen this side of him. We ended up just letting him have it.

A virtual intensive is a fun and fast-paced online dance experience designed with older dancers in mind who are looking to challenge themselves to add new dance styles + moves to their skill set, improve their technique, learn choreography, as well as focus on aspects of performance, such as story-telling and character development. Below, is a general overview of what your dancer can expect in a virtual intensive:

Virtual Intensive Schedule: 1:30-3pm, Monday- Friday

1:30: Greeting/Overview of Intensive for the Day

1:35- 1:50 Warm up + Across the Floor

1:50- 2:00 Center work

2:00- 2:10 Go over Homework + Introduce Daily Focus (i.e. new style of dance, character development, etc)

2:10-2:30 Activity Related to Daily Focus

2:30- 3:00 Choreography for Weekly Routine

Additional resources, daily dress-up themes, and homework to be sent out to students at the end of class. Resources include dance videos related to the theme of the week, craft + game activities, behind-the-scenes footage from professional productions, and playlists to listen to at home.

Click HERE to see all our current, upcoming Summer intensive offerings! Hope to see you on the virtual dance floor soon!

Welcome to Miss Hayley’s Virtual DIY Workspace!

She’s a DIY queen, Cookies +Crafts Club cheerleader, and an SDAtwater dance mom! Miss Hayley always brings BIG smiles and sparkles to the studio. We live for her Fri-DIY videos, and the exciting times she’s hosted one of our  Cookies+ Crafts Club meetings.

Now, you can bring this special experience home to you and your little ones, with our C+C Club kits! Fabricated by Miss Hayley, you can take your pick from over 10 different, prepackaged kits to keep your kiddos creative at home during this time. Follow the link here for more info: https://reachforthebarres.com/boutique/

These days, you can find Miss Hayley keeping her energetic 5 year old busy and educated. You better believe she’s staying creative as ever; she’s already painted a rainbow wall at her home and experimented with alcohol ink paintings. She’s also been spending more time outside in her garden as well as the kitchen, cooking up new recipes for her family… and maybe even a couple cookies, too ;)

She’s thrilled to be sharing some of her Top 3 picks for Children’s Books, Movies, and Music below! We hope you and your dancer enjoy!

Top 3 Children’s Books: The Good Egg by Jory John, How I Met My Monster by Amanda Noll, Fancy Nancy Series by Jane O’Connor

Top 3 Children’s Movies: Hook, The Little Princess, Tangled

Top 3 Tunes to Dance to: Move Your Feet/ D.A.N.C.E. / It’s A Sunshine Day – Trolls Soundtrack, I’m Still Standing- Sing Soundtrack, Dance Monkey, by Tones and I


Welcome to Miss Kris’s Virtual Home Dance Floor!

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Miss Kris always knew she wanted to pursue a path in performance. She’s a quintessential triple threat with not only a passion for dancing, but also, singing and acting as well. With more time at home these days, she’s been exploring additional creative outlets such as drawing, cooking, and writing scripts. But being a dancer while quarantined can be a challenge, so she keeps moving by riding her bike and continuing her training for an upcoming marathon. Whenever it happens, she’ll be ready!

She’s thrilled to be sharing some of her Top 3 picks for Children’s Books, Movies, and Music below! We hope you and your dancer enjoy!

Top 3 Children’s Books: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Top 3 Children’s Movies: Monsters Inc., Frozen, The Grinch (Dr. Seuss) Jim Carrey & animation versions

Top 3 Tunes to Dance to: Walking on Broken Glass, by Annie Lenox,  Gloria, by Laura Branigan,  September, by Earth, Wind, & Fire