5 Ways Children Benefit from Dance Classes

Thinking about dance lessons for your child?
Here are 5 benefits to enrolling them in classes:

  1. Dancing promotes physical health– Dancing is an active, fun way to educate your kids about their physical health. In a single class, dancers learn about their bodies, hone gross motor skills, strengthen muscles, increase stamina, decrease stress levels, and experience firsthand the benefits of committing to an active lifestyle.
  2. Dancing supports cognitive development– Studies have shown that introducing dance to children results in healthy brain function and development. With consistency, dance classes have the capacity to improve mental agility, focus, memory, musicality, and spatial reasoning.
  3. Dancing encourages self-expression– Through movement, dancers are free to express themselves and connect to their authenticity. Classes provide a safe space for dancers to release stored emotions, offering a constructive outlet for big feelings. Exploring movement in this way empowers dancers to intuitively connect to their own personal freedom, creativity, and sense of self.
  4. Dancing creates community– One small step onto the dance floor can result in one giant leap in a child’s social-emotional development. By learning how to share space, take turns, treat others with respect, and build trust through cooperation and communication, dancers nurture important social skills in class, which allows social anxieties to soften and friendships to flourish.
  5. Dancing instills important life skills– The lessons of dance are neither limited to a classroom environment nor simplified to synchronized steps. On the contrary, lessons learned in dance class directly equip children with essential life tools, such as perseverance, determination, cooperation, humility, trust, and belief in oneself.
All in all, dance is a fun and creative way for kids to learn a new skill, while enhancing the well-being of their minds, bodies, and hearts. Jumpstart your child’s growth by enrolling in dance classes today!