Reach for the Barres Terms & Conditions

In order to enroll your child in our program, you must agree to the following
Terms & Conditions:

Please read through all of our Studio Policies in order to understand and agree to our terms and policies at REACH, before enrolling your child.  If these guidelines cannot be respected and/or followed by any family member or caregiver for any reason, we reserve the right to cancel enrollment and NO refunds will be given.

COVID-19 POLICIES + PROCEDURES: I understand these policies will be enforced and followed until otherwise noted or updated, and agree to all COVID POLICIES + PROCEDURES policies upon enrolling my child.

MAKEUP POLICY: I understand because of the limited capacity and high demand NO MAKEUPS, CREDITS or REFUNDS will be given for dropped, missed or canceled classes, camps or events – even if I know we’re miss ahead of time. This includes in-studio, virtual, mobile/outdoor and/or private lessons.

REFUND POLICY:  I understand that REACH Studio tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE. NO CREDITS or REFUNDS will be given for dropped, missed or canceled classes, at anytime; this includes in-studio, virtual, mobile/outdoor and/or private lessons, camps or events. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

FORCED COVID-19 CLOSURES: If classes are cancelled due to mandated restrictions everyone will be credited for a future date.  NO refunds will be given.

UNDERSTANDING OF STUDIO POLICIES:  I understand that REACH Studio Staff will communicate with me throughout the season and year via email. I understand it is my responsibility to read them with my child so that I am aware of  policy changes, possible closures, billing cycles, dance recitals, camps or outside performances, enrollment for the following cycle, any attire or footwear my child may need; or any other important information that being a parent at REACH Studios requires me to be informed of. I understand that REACH Studios will only be sending home paperwork that is important and specific to my child’s needs.  REACH Studios schedule is subject to change.

Upon registration for class, camp, trials and audits – I understand REACH Studios uses closed circuit cameras to allow families the opportunity to watch classes remotely from mobile devices. I give permission for Reach For The Barres to use images and video taken during services rendered, on business premises, or at events away from premises, of my child for promotion and advertising.

RFTB is unable to accommodate your preference for exception, as we are unable to work outside of our existing systems of operation (i.e. class viewing per our studio class network and feed). 

RELEASE:  I give my consent to my child’s participation in the activities of Reach for the Barres, LLC. I confirm that my child is in good health and I understand that the dance studio activities include movement and equipment that can create risk and the possibility of accidental injury. I understand that it is my responsibility to carry individual accident and medical insurance covering the enrolled participant. I agree to sign the 2021 PARTICIPATION WAIVER, and understand I must provide a signed copy to the studio by the first day of in-studio class. I hereby absolve Reyana Hajevandi Wright, Reach for the Barres, LLC aka REACH Studios and all staff from any and all liability for any accident, injury, illness or damages that may be incurred by my child in the activities sponsored by Reach for the Barres LLC. I understand that REACH Studios is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables. It is my responsibility to secure personal items when in the studio. I understand that REACH Studios  is not responsible for any injury or accident that takes place in the parking lot. It is my responsibility to exercise caution when backing out, and pulling in to the parking lot adjacent to REACH Studios.

Be sure you have thoroughly read, fully understand that by enrolling that you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of these Terms & Conditions as there will be no refunds. These Terms & Conditions will govern your child’s current and future participation in Reach For The Barres dance program.