A virtual intensive is a fun and fast-paced online dance experience designed with older dancers in mind who are looking to challenge themselves to add new dance styles + moves to their skill set, improve their technique, learn choreography, as well as focus on aspects of performance, such as story-telling and character development. Below, is a general overview of what your dancer can expect in a virtual intensive:

Virtual Intensive Schedule: 1:30-3pm, Monday- Friday

1:30: Greeting/Overview of Intensive for the Day

1:35- 1:50 Warm up + Across the Floor

1:50- 2:00 Center work

2:00- 2:10 Go over Homework + Introduce Daily Focus (i.e. new style of dance, character development, etc)

2:10-2:30 Activity Related to Daily Focus

2:30- 3:00 Choreography for Weekly Routine

Additional resources, daily dress-up themes, and homework to be sent out to students at the end of class. Resources include dance videos related to the theme of the week, craft + game activities, behind-the-scenes footage from professional productions, and playlists to listen to at home.

Click HERE to see all our current, upcoming Summer intensive offerings! Hope to see you on the virtual dance floor soon!