Well, here we are again. At the end of another year. In today’s blog post, we will not be discussing technique, hacks or career how-tos. Instead, today we are simply here to say “Thank you”, and last minutes things to help you transition into recital with ease!

After coming off of a year that was like no other, season 8 was truly great. We watched you all grow in talent and technique. Our studios are full of bright and shining up and coming stars. We couldn’t be more proud.

Within this season it truly felt like the dance world has made it back on it’s feet. Curtains are rising on recital stages once again with ease. We are entering year 2 of facing new normals, and we are so happy to have had you along for the ride. We have worked our way back up from virtual dance classes to full dance studios. It has been such a joy having yet another year moving forward with our Reach For The Barres family.

With all the joy and triumphs our year is winding down, and our recital is right around the corner. With that we are excited to announce, that it’s going to be a spectacular show! Our students have worked hard in the studio to make sure their dances look flawless and fun! We have no doubt in our minds about the magic you are going to see on stage.

To our parents, we are so thankful that you allow us here at Reach to teach your children the art of dance. We know there is much that comes with being a dance parent, and know you are doing your part in making sure your child has everything they need to shine on stage! We truly can’t say thank you enough for all you do to support your dancer and know it’s a lot to keep track of. To make your job a little easier, we thought we would give you a mini list of everything you need in your child’s dance bag to have a successful show day.

Read through the list below and pack your child’s bag before the big day. You will be able to check a few things off your list so you can enjoy the moment with your child!

All costumes labeled with your child’s name.

It’s SO important to label your costumes. The last thing you want is to be missing an accessory or shoe when it’s time to dance on stage! Your child’s things could get mixed up easily so it’s best to be safe and mark your child’s initials into all your costume items, shoes, and accessories. Please make sure to mark costumes and shoes on the inside so we don’t see them on stage. This is especially important for our dancers in multiple numbers.

Dance shoes

This seems obvious but it’s worth saying, there is nothing worse than missing a shoe on recital day! Make sure to have your dancer try on their shoes before the big day to catch any holes or shoes that are too tight. Need new shoes? Stop by the studio where you can buy anything you need for the big day.

Extra tights

We have provided your dancers with tights in their costume bag. But we all know that tights can rip easily! Throw in an extra pair of tights for your dancer along with the ones they will wear on stage. That extra pair could save the day for your dancer!

Costume accessories 

Do any of your child’s costumes come with headpieces, layers, or other accessories? These items are just as important as your main costume to have in your dance bag.

Our recital is right around the corner. There is nothing more exciting than getting on stage with your sparkly costumes. We practice all year for these moments. For our friends and family to see of the hard we have put, and cheer us on. Even though we practiced and practiced all year long sometimes our performance or stage presence can get lost with the bright lights and nerves. But have no fear we are going to walk you through some tips to help you shine your brightest this year on stage!

Tip 1: How Interested Are You In What You’re Doing?

The easiest way to shine bright on stage is truly having love and interest in what you are doing. The more you are interested the more you enjoy it, and that will shine through to the audience. 

Tip 2: Focus

One of the easiest ways to stay engaged and interested mentally and physically in a performance is to keep track of your focus. When dancers start to think about the steps too much, their eyes tend to wander. This can make you seem unengaged with your body language when in reality you are just thinking too  hard about your your moves.

Tip 3: Listening

A dancers who “listen” to the moment might also seem more at ease when they are executing their movement. Dancers who truly listen to the music are less likely to rush timing, they might be using their breath more, their eyes are engaged and they often look more grounded.

Tip 4: Practice

Any performance is easier when you’ve rehearsed enough to let your mind and body focus on something other than the steps. When you do that, you welcome the audience into your performance and begin to share your own style with them. The more you practice the less you have to think about the steps. You can let your body take control, and really give yourself over to the performing aspect. 

Tip 5: Confidence is key

If you are willing to feel and look silly or embarrassed, oftentimes you end up projecting confidence instead, because your willingness to feel any feeling is where your true confidence lies. True confidence does not come from how confidently you know you can land a triple pirouette, or how perfect you know your tilt is. True confidence comes from fully embracing every possible human feeling that could occur in your dance performance. 

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