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Why Dance Is Good For Kids

Dance is a great form of exercise for the body and brain. Finding a love for the art of dance can motivate kids to stay active into adulthood. Dance helps your child increase their flexibility, physical strength, range of motion, and stamina. Here are some of our favorite benefits of taking dance classes! Promotes Socialization […]


Back To Dance

ARE YOU READY FOR THE SEASON AHEAD! IF YOU’VE ALREADY FOUND YOUR CLASS WE WANT TO REMIND YOU 3 TIPS TO STAY ON POINTE!  1. Find Your Focus Embrace the fun, double-check those dance schedules and get ready to adjust to busier weeks spent ferrying dance-loving kiddos to and from classes. 2. Be Prepared Double […]

Want to introduce your toddler to dance this summer? Leap into one of our Little Stars Reach For The Barres (Micro Camp) and give your tiny dancer a small sampling of the basics. By the end of camp, your dancer will feel confident and excited to make their dance debut in our upcoming ’22/23 main […]

Thanksgiving Teacher Feature: Miss Beatriz

Miss Beatriz Says – 1.) Favorite tradition and/or part of Thanksgiving? Having Sibsgiving with Malu, our best friend and her brother. Sadly, won’t happen this year, but it’s still my fave. =) 2.) Favorite and least favorite food on Thanksgiving? Favorite food: Green bean casserole and stuffing! Least favorite food: It’s a tie, Cranberry Sauce […]