In 2023 we want to take time to recognize all the wonderful people that make this studio possible. We have an amazing staff with qualifications out of the roof… but they are more than just dancers and educators. So for the next couple of weeks, we will be getting to know the humans behind the teacher, and their little fun facts. 

This week we are diving into the little details of Miss Maraya! 

There are many colors out there in the world, and she couldn’t possibly choose just one. The colors that have caught attention of Miss Maraya are FOREST GREEN🌲 & LILAC PURPLE🦄! Two colors that are complete opposites but two she loves dearly. This shade of purple has her thinking of spring flowers, and this particular green makes her think of the forests she grew up in. So we completely understand why she loves them so.

When it comes to food Miss Maraya loves the loves PASTA🍝. In any shape, way, or form she will take it. You can never go wrong with a big warm bowl of it’s  goodness❤️. The best pasta she ever had naturally is the variety she indulge in while in Italy.

Maraya couldn’t go a single day without music🎵. Her life is full of it. Everything has a soundtrack in her world. From the dance classes she teaches to the songs she listens to in the car. It is truly hard for her to pick one favorite song. But some of her favorites are ‘Grey Street’ By Dave Matthews Band, ‘Adore You’ By Harry Styles, and a new favorite ‘Ceilings’ Lizzie McApline.🙌 

Anyone who knows Maraya will know who her favorite artist is without a doubt🎤. She doesn’t go a day without listening to this artist, and has been a fan for over a decade⌛️. Her love and appreciation started early on in his boyband days. Harry Styles captured her heart and ears in 2011. She makes sure anytime he is in town that she has a ticket to his show!🎟

We are made of memories☁️, and as we grow older we become a product of all the things we have experienced along the way. Some memories stick out more than others💬. She looks back fondly on her summers with her family. Every year Maraya’s family and her moms best friend and their family would spend 2 weeks at the beach together. Without fail every year was filled with sunshine☀️, 4th of July celebrations🇺🇸, and carnivals🎡. She looked forward to this time with the people that meant most to her every year. 

Even though everyone here is an amazing dancer our teachers are much more than that. Outside of the studio, Miss Maraya loves to write✍️. From short stories to poems she loves to create worlds with pen & paper. It’s another way for her to be creative, and express her heart. She also loves to read📖. Which is no surprise since she loves to write. She loves that you can get lost in a story. Miss Maraya could spend a whole day reading and never get bored.🤩

Possessions can come in many different shapes or forms. There are 2 items that Miss Maraya holds near and dear to her. Both belonging to her mother. She keeps her mothers engagement ring 💍in a safe space🔐 & wears on extra special occasions. But the one she couldn’t live without is the necklace her mom wore everyday. It’s something that has been passed down form mother to mother for generations👩‍👩‍👧. Whenever Miss Maraya isn’t at the studio she has is on her neck.

Our teachers here at Reach For the Barres are fountains of knowledge⛲️. They are people who are full of amazing advice. What Miss Maraya would like to pass on to the students here is “Always stay true to yourself. Never sacrifice yourself or what you believe in for others”💕

These are just a few of the things that make Miss Maraya so special!