Party Mode On!

You’re cordially invited to attend the parties of the Summer!


With imaginative, original themes, like Into the Fun-known and Minnie Mouse Dress Up House, each one of our newest Pirouette + Play Dance Parties celebrates the joy of movement, creativity, and fun!

Below, we share four more things we already love about Pirouette + Play Dance Parties:

  • P+P Parties combine the magic of dance class with the fun of camp in a festive two hour party!
  • P+P Parties have all the party essentials: games, crafts, and – of course – dancing!
  • P+P Parties provide an open, welcoming space for dancers to express themselves!
  • P+P Parties are the perfect place for nurturing new friends or making new memories with old ones!

RSVP for four P+P Parties by May 1st and receive an Early Bird Discount on ALL four parties. Plus, you’ll  receive one of our Party Punchcard with your purchase!

Boogie into as many of our Pirouette + Play Dance Parties as you can make it to and keep your tiny dancer moving & grooving all summer long! With so much fun in store, we can’t wait to get these parties started! For more details, view our party page HERE.

Want to introduce your toddler to dance this summer?

Leap into one of our Little Stars Reach For The Barres (Micro Camp) and give your tiny dancer a small sampling of the basics.

By the end of camp, your dancer will feel confident and excited to make their dance debut in our upcoming ’22/23 main season!

What is a Little Stars Reach For The Barres (Micro Camp)?
A micro-camp is a three day series of 45 min dance sessions, packed with learning opportunities for ages 2.5-3.5. A general daily schedule will consist of:
  • Circle Time
  • Warm-Up
  • Ballet Barre
  • Across The Floor Variations
  • Tumble Time
  • Listen + Move (Creative Movement)
  • Turn Taking Opportunities
  • Pattern Building
Why sign up? For many dancers, this will be their first time exploring movement on a dance floor, meeting new friends, and/or participating in a structured learning environment. If your little one is about to start school for the first time or you’re looking for a trial-run to dance class, micro-camps provide a nurturing, developmentally appropriate, and fun way to kickoff your dancer’s journey!
Plus, they’re a great way to get accustomed with the studio, our faculty, protocols, and fellow peers. When classes resume in the fall, these little campers will have full confidence jumping back onto the dance floor and into a new, weekly class of their own!

Perks to Little Stars Reach For The Barres (Micro Camp)?
  • 3 weeks worth of dance classes packed into 3 days is just too good of a deal to pass up!
  • Incredibly fun themes week-to-week, providing lots of dance variety and magic!
  • Pattern building +  Play = Self Confidence!

Aside from the physical, social, and emotional BENEFITS OF DANCE CLASS FOR KIDS  enrolling in a dance experience like micro-camps allows your dancer to build upon their dance knowledge and skills ahead of the ’22/23 Main Season.

With summer still a couple months away, our LITTLE STARS schedule can be a compliment to your summer plans. Rather than missing out on classes because of summer vacation plans, you’re be able to sign-up around your big plans AND get the full bang for your buck!

We can’t wait to introduce your dancer to the magic of dance! For more info or to check out our LITTE STLARS REACH FOR THE BARRES (MICRO CAMP) schedule.

What We Love Most About Our Camps!

Fun! Camps are always lots of fun! We’ve got it all; filled with games, arts & crafts, dancing, acting, and more, our camps offer a wide variety of experiences designed to keep kids active, engaged, and learning. In fact, studies show that when kids are having fun, they’re more likely to remember and retain what they’ve learned. This certainly comes in handy when it’s time for end of camp performances!

Fan-Favorite Themes! Something that makes our camps stand out is both our fan favorite and original themes. We intentionally choose camp themes centered around what interests and excites kids these days. By doing so, we ignite our campers’ imaginations as they are transported to their favorite worlds, act out their favorite scenes, transform into their favorite characters, and experience the magic of storytelling through dance. Some favorite past themes include: Frozen, Trolls, and last year’s original camps, Summerween, Academy of Magic, Dancing With Our Dollies Royal Adventure.

Friendships! Nothing brings us more joy than watching friendships flourish on the dance floor. In contrast to our 45 min weekly classes, dancers commit to 5 consecutive days of either a full day PRIMARY PERFORMANCE CAMPS (6 hours) or half day  PRESCHOOL + KINDER MINI CAMPS (3 hours) + TWEEN + TEEN INTENSIVE CAMPS (3 hours). Over these 5 days, the shared experience of playing games, rehearsing scenes, learning new dances, and even socializing at the lunch tables provides campers with the perfect atmosphere to nurture and build lasting friendships. For campers who are about to start school or are nervous to meet new classmates, camp offers a safe, welcoming, and fun environment to learn and practice important social skills that will set them up for success in the future.

These are only three of the dozens of reasons we love camp, but we’d rather let you experience the rest for yourself. Space fills up fast, so be sure to save your spot before it’s too late! Check out our SUMMER CAMP SCHEDULE. Can’t wait to reach for an amazing summer at studio with you!