1. Christmas Obstacle Course

This is a fun game for dancers and GREAT for teamwork – it can be done at any time of the year but is especially fun at the holidays. 

First grab some tinsel and  any other decorations you like, such as lights, gift boxes, etc so that it is “hard” to get from one end of the room to the other. If you have enough family members to spilt into teams that adds an extra layer of fun. 

If using teams the first person should stand in a line with hands on shoulders. The person at the back is Santa and the rest of the line are the reindeers. The reindeers have to close their eyes and must be ‘lead’ by Santa through the maze to a specified spot on the opposite wall. Teams take turns to navigate the maze and the team with the fastest time wins. Variations on the game include changing the maze for each team or having all the participants face away from the maze while it is being set up.

2. Snowflake Waltz

The primary objectives of this activity are to help your dancer explore a range of shapes with their bodies, and develop a greater understanding of musicality by working within a set number of counts. To begin, remind dancers, “No two snowflakes are alike!” Explain that this exercise may feel repetitive, but the challenge is to find as many different snowflake shapes with their body as possible.

To play:

  • Direct the dancers to start in a “Snowflake Shape” of their choosing. They are to consider different levels, spatial planes, directions, body parts, lines, facings, and angles as they create their shape.
  • They will hold their shape for 8 counts, then “melt” out of their shape and dance to the floor for 8 more counts.
  • On the 1 of the next phrase, they will find a new Snowflake Shape, and the dance will repeat.
  • Continue this pattern of Snowflake Shapes and melting dances to the floor as many times as desired.

3. Holiday Pajama’s

This is a really fun holiday dance game and also works really well as a fun family bonding activity .  Grab some cheap Christmas pajama pants and your dancers must put them on (over their “regular” clothes)  WITHOUT using their hands – it is hilarious!  To make it easier you can let them put their feet in or make them start from scratch.  To do the exercise in partners you can have two dancers work together to put the pants on one of the dancers BUT neither dancer may use their hands.