It is almost the New Year which means it’s time to set some new goals for yourself for 2023!

Here are some habits for your dancer to incorporate into their new season of life and dance.

Roll Out!

Foam roller, marshmallow stick, or tennis ball. Give yourself ten minutes after class or rehearsal to break up the fascia in your body. Your muscles will thank you!

Say no to inflammation.

Dancers’ bodies are sensitive to inflammation, so it’s a good idea to incorporate some anti-inflammatory foods into your diet.

The chances are that some of these foods are already familiar to you: almonds, green tea, and blueberries, for example. You can find out more here.


Cross train

If you don’t already, cross-training can make a big difference in your dancing. Popular regimes for dancers include pilates, yoga and swimming. Check our some of our teacher tip videos for some guidance! 

Below are some technical goals for your dancers to set for themselves this New Year!

  1. Break your habit of hopping in your turns.
  2. Improve your balance.
  3. Jump smarter – knees over toes, deep plié.
  4. Get your hips square consistently.
  5. Improve your turnout, either flexibility-wise or in your dancing.

Here are some artistic goals that your dancer can look to strive for in the New Year! 

  1. Get more comfortable with improv.
  2. Make a habit of using your eyes, not looking at the floor.
  3. Improve your transitions to get that “graceful” look.
  4. Get better at showing different emotions through movement.
  5. Improve your musicality.