✨The hidden secret of successful dancers✨
The strength you gain as a dancer will not only help you in class and performances, but will help improve your every day life.

The power of strength training 

Strength training is the staple when it comes to improving performance. Culturally, specific strength training has not always been a part of dance training due to stigmas in the performing arts community. Strength training helps dancers in many different ways. Training in strength as a dancer can help you leap higher, control your movements, and perform more consistently. Most importantly strength training helps prevent injury. 

Why is important for dancers to strength train? 

Dancers are required to jump, leap, catch partners, incorporate floor work, move down to the floor swiftly, and perform other explosive movements. All of these movements require muscular strength and power. Although technique classes can help improve muscular strength, power, and proper execution they don’t always focus on increasing strength and power as one of the main goals.


What happens when we strength train?

When we add strength training to our daily dance training everything changes. Not only do you see the results physically, you can see them within your technique. Every movement and trick becomes more substantial. You begin to have more power within your dancing. The more you train your strength along with your technique the safer your dancing becomes. You will be able to achiever harder movements and tricks. Most importantly your body with be protected, and you chances of injury lessen.